United Women in Faith

UWF Purpose

The organized unit of the United Methodist Women shall be a community of women whose purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church.

Local Mission Projects

Total Given for Local Missions $10,275

Total Given for District Missions $7,456

FUMC Ministries

Backpack Weekend Food Program

Boys & Girls Club Tutor Program

Children’s Ministry

Community Kitchen

Minister’s Assistance Fund

Salvation Army Breakfast Teams

Scholarship Fund

Through the Week School

Youth Ministry

York Chester Student of the Month Bags

Community Foundation Run

Camp Sunshine

Cornerstone Christian Ministry

Crisis Assistance Ministry

Off the Streets

Parish Nurse Ministry

House of Mercy

Other Ministries

Stable Resources



Love Offerings

Bruce Tindall

Juanita Burris

2023 Officers

President                    Bethe Rogers

Vice President          Charlotte Lynch

Secretary                   Karen Lewis

Treasurer                   Judith Towner

Membership              Jane Smith 


    1 yr - Carol Elliott, Jane Hooper

    2 yr - Amy Plowden, Diane Brannock 

   3 yr - Betsy States, Shiloh TBA


Board meetings are the 4th Tuesday of each month except June and July 


Service Opportunities

Please complete task the 1st or 2nd week of the month       Pew  Pockets              


March             SIS                   



June                 Shiloh & Board     



September      Rejoice



December       PEACE              


Covenant – Amy Plowden

  •        3rd Monday at 2:30PM in Living Room in the Health Care Center 
  •        Focus:  Gladness
  •        Covenant Village residents

Grace – TBA

      Meeting time TBA 

  •        Focus:  Fellowship & Mission
  •        Women of all ages

PEACE - Praying, Enduring, Accepting, Caring and Engaging - Charlotte Lynch

  •        1st Monday at 6:00PM in Gunter Hall
  •        Focus:  Social, Education & Missions
  •        Women of all ages

Shiloh -  Julie Griffin

  •        Work of special projects
  •        Focus:  Mission
  •        Young and/or working women
  •        May also be meeting by e-mail

SIS – Sisters in Service - Pat Quinn & Sharon Eccles 

  •        1st Monday at 6:30PM at FUMC in Feb and March, then in members’ homes
  •        Focus:  Fellowship
  •        Women of all ages

Rejoice - Lorna Timmons

  •        e-mail circle
  •        Focus:  mission