Labyrinth Ministry

The labyrinth is a powerful tool for prayer and meditation used by early Christians as a way to symbolically journey to the Holy Land. Walking the singular, circuitous path to and from the center of the labyrinth has a calming and centering effect on the mind, body, and spirit. If a group or class would like to experience the labyrinth, please contact

Walking the Labyrinth during Holy Week

*We ask that you please wear a facemask and maintain social distance. 

Participating in the labyrinth is like taking a thoughtful walk. There is not a “right” way to walk the labyrinth. They beauty of the labyrinth is that people can approach the experience on their own terms. The 

labyrinth is not a maze, it’s not mean to trip you up. 

It is a prayer journey with 3 movements:

As you move inward, it is a time to cast off our many roles and unload our guilt, failures, anxieties, and depression.

As you pause in the center, it is a time to be open, expectant and 

receptive to the holy spirit.

As you move outward, you rest in the knowledge of God’s unconditional love and choose to move towards his peace. 

There are reflections on the back of this paper. We encourage you to take a moment to reflect and pray. 

If you are unable to physically walk, you can experience a similar journey using a wooden finger labyrinth.