Give Now


We believe in the scriptural teaching of the tithe, giving at least 10% to God’s glory. Our church works hard to make sure our spending is in line with our mission and that God is glorified through it. We also realize that some people are not at the point of being able to tithe while others may be able to do more. Therefore, we teach sacrificial giving, based on II Samuel 24:24 when David said, “I will not give to God that which costs me nothing.” God has given us His Son, Jesus Christ, and we have the privilege giving back to God’s glory! We encourage folks to give beyond themselves in sacrificial ways so that our shared ministry can provide the hope of Christ for our community and world! 

Weaving Campaign

This is our capital campaign begun in 2017. Our vision is to provide deep roots for our community by expanding our facilities in a $5 Million+ building/renovation program.  We have used as our key verse for this project Ecclesiastes 4:12, “A

three-fold cord is not easily broken”. We believe that three-fold cord to be CHRIST-CHURCH-COMMUNITY. This aggressive project deepens our commitment to all three. We are not providing building to showcase our church, we are doing this project to deepen God’s impact here and in this community! This campaign weaves together the mission of the church to be an outpost for God in our community.

Extra Mile Giving

Our church is blessed to have a $1.7 million budget while investing in a $5 million+ new building and renovation! God is at work among us. Our 2019 budget projections, even after some serious expense reduction, have resulted in our revenue being about $96,000 less than needed. 

Our church leaders are asking, if you are able, would you consider giving an extra $125 per quarter? We are choosing to give it on 5th Sundays. We are asking folks to give over and above what you may have already committed. 

Thank you for your generosity!