Parent/Guardian Resources

Either way you look at it, time is flying by.  The purpose of this display in our church is to emphasize how precious time is.  When you see how much TIME you have left, you tend to do more with TIME you have now.  936 is the estimated number of weeks between birth and high school graduation.

Each frame contains fuzzy pom-poms; each pom-pom represents one week of your child/youth's life that you have until high school graduation.  In the beginning the frame is full, and when you get to 12th grade, there aren't many weeks left.  In the beginning your child requires so many hours of care; and by 12th grade, sometimes you're only getting one hour a day, if that.  It's estimated that the average parent/guardian has about 3,000 hours of influence per year, compared to the church who has only 40 hours in that year.

We want to partner wtih you!  Here are some resources that may help you at home, work and play!

Parents/Guardians of Youth

Books For Parents/Guardians:

Soundtracks - by Jon Acuff

Growing With - by Kara Powell PhD & Steve Argue PhD

Three Big Questions That Change Every Teenager (Making the most of your conversations and Connections)- by Kara Powell & Brad M. Griffin

Parenting Through The Phases - by Orange - Kristin Ivy & Reggie Joiner (There is one for each grade level)

Ramsey Solutions (Financial literacy)

Books for Your Youth:

Your New Playlist by Jon Acuff

Love Does by Bob Goff

Everybody, Always by Bob Goff


ParentCue - Available online, Instagram (@parentcue), Facebook/Meta



Faith Adjacent (Formerly Known as "The Bible Binge")

 "I Kid You Not" series - Bible Scholar Erin Moon &  Meredith Anne Miller break down how various Bible Stories should be discussed at different ages.

"SWDGISS" - Stuff We Didn't Get In Sunday School, 

That Sounds Fun (Annie F Downs) 

Recommendations by Becky Greene, Director of Spiritual Formation

Tim Elmore's "Growing Leaders" Blog

Example Post: Advice to Teachers and Parents When Guiding Teens on Instagram

Growing Leaders - Ready for Real Life Article by Andrew McPeak "Let's Talk about TikTok"

Article From's Kait Hanson "Here's what's really happening on social media: Nine teens share how apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok influence their lives."

College Article: Four Messages Your Freshmen Need To Hear This Year by Tim Elmore

We also encourage you to join a small group.

Sunday Mornings on the 3rd Floor you can join Friends in Faith & Faith Matters.

Wednesday Evenings you can join Prayer Paws, Sabbath, and the Marriage Class.