FUMC Sports

In our Sports Ministry, our goal is not to use our facilities just for sports programs. Our goal is to use all sports as a vessel to Jesus Christ. We believe team and individual sports can be a bridge to learning about grace, sacrifice, courage, community, and ultimately that Jesus loves us. 

We offer a wide variety of programs for all ages, from preschool to senior adults, and everyone in-between. We have a wonderful Gymnasium that we want to use to its full potential. We try to use the facilities that we have first, but we also use outside sources when needed. Currently our campus in under construction (you can read more about that here) so our programs are limited until construction is complete. We have slowed down, but we have not stopped. Our Kid's sports are on a pause while we rebuild our program, but our Adult sports are thriving! Check out everything we offer and hope to offer, below! 

Kid's Sports

In years past we have offered many different sports for elementary age kids. The one that has always thrived is basketball, because of our our great facilities. Once our construction project is finished, we want to make the most use out of our gym as possible. Our hopes are to start basketball back up along with cheerleading, volleyball, and indoor soccer! 

Adult Sports

Our sports programs for adults have grown exponentially over the past few years. We started with co-ed Softball, and have added Kickball, Volleyball, Men's pick-up Basketball, and Pickleball! 

Softball- We play in the Spring at Poston Park in Lowell

Volleyball- Sand volleyball league in Charlotte this Summer on Thursday nights.

Kickball- REGISTER NOW below! Thursday Nights at Temple Baptist Church in Gastonia

Men's Basketball- Pick-up games in our gym during the school year, Wednesday nights after church activities. 

Pickleball- One court in our gym. No experience needed and equipment is provided. Begins when construction in complete. 

Register for Kickball here!