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Builder’s Class- Adult Bible Study for ages 40s-90s. Teachers- Mark & Rev. Angie Hollar

Crosstalk- A cross section of ages and opinions that study a range of topics from the Bible to modern-day issues. Teacher- Royce Robinson

Faith Matters- This class consists of parents of children and youth. Building a faith that matters for your children, begins with developing your own spirit. Teachers- Don & Tricia Buckner

Friends in Faith- Mix of singles, young married couples, and parents of 

younger children. A relaxed yet spirited group that meets weekly to connect and partake in a faith centered lesson. Teachers- Josh Yelverton & Casey Miller

Joy Class- This class is composed of people 50s-70s, both couples & singles. The lesson includes a variety of teaching approaches and materials. Teacher- Judge Tim Patti

New Ties- This class ranges from 30s-50s. The class format is centered on discussion rather than lecture. Teacher- Mark McIntosh

Conversation Class- An unstructured alternative to traditional Sunday School. This round table meets weekly to talk about the challenges of faith based parenting for millennials. Teachers- Rusty Sitton & Bee Wetzell

Youth- Middle & High School students are led in a time of fellowship and devotion in the Greene House. Teachers- Jennifer Cabaniss & Counselors 

Nursery & Children- Birth-5th grade children come together for a snack and are taught Bible stories in the Family Life Center. -Kristi McClellan & Teachers