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Buy Nexium Online Canada - Is It Safe To Order Accutane Online


The Friendship Club began in 1972 when Howard Jordan, retired Associate Minister of FUMC, and Maude Gunter, Ireta Early, Gladys Forrester, Edith Kersh, and Lorna Harrelson decided to organize a "club" for older adults. The first organizational meeting was September 1972 with 29 charter members. Of those 29, Catherine Long is the only one still living.

This club was organized to meet the social needs of the older adults in our congregation. Friends are remembered with a birthday card, anniversary card, and our friends that are ill are remembered in prayer.

Monthly meetings providing fellowship, food, fun, interesting and entertaining programs began.

Recognizing the importance of "connecting and staying connected" to our friends, the name Friendship Club was changed in 2006 to Friendship Connections. Also, an emphasis is not placed on a meeting just for older adults within the FUMC congregation, but the invitation to be a part of Friendship Connections is extended to all "friends" within our community.