Baseball Games



Lets go see the Braves!

Saturday, July 14th 4:10 pm 

I will be buying tickets for the game after I have the number of people going. The bus will be staying to the end of each game (even if there are extra innings). If you would like to drive separate, you are welcome to. 

July 14th game will be $25 a ticket (** PRICE CHANGE**, General Admission is now $20, so I am charging $25 which includes ticket, bus ride, and help with gas.) We will leave early and grab a quick lunch on the way down and eat dinner at the park. Keep in mind this is a 4 hour drive. The game last year did run late so be prepared to get back late. 

Closer to game you will get an email with departure times and any more info needed. 


Tickets will need to be paid for a week before the game to hold your spot.