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Buy Cialis Online Canadian

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Examples of Activities for a Parish Nurse

Health Promotion

  • Blood pressure screenings
  • Write articles for the newsletter
  • Display a health bulletin board and pamphlet rack
  • Arrange screenings for diabetes, cancer, strokes, etc.
  • Work with other community agencies to serve as sites for health services
  • Private consultations regarding health issues
  • Group education for various health issues, i.e. support groups: grief, cancer, weight loss

Referral and Advocacy

  • Coordinate plan of care following discharge from hospital/nursing home
  • Contact physician's office for individuals that need assistance
  • Guide persons to use existing community services
  • Act as a spokesperson when an individual cannot act on his/her own behalf
  • Meet with families to plan care of individual or to counsel members


  • Make home, hospital, nursing home visits to monitor health status, provide emotional support, encourage compliance with medical treatment, and recommend community
  • bereavement visits by self or with clergy

Facilitate Lay Ministries

  • Coordinate volunteers to assist with various programs and needs of individuals
  • Work with health cabinet to meet the needs of the congregation.

Interpret the relationship Between Faith and Health

  • Assist families in time of crisis
  • Stay with individual during surgery if family is not available
  • Encourage the use of prayer, scripture, and devotional materials as aids to healing
  • Incorporate spiritual values into health education

Communication and Documentation

  • Communicate with clergy, church staff, health cabinet, and volunteers
  • Communicate schedule and activities with church secretary
  • Record pertinent information on the individual's record (Info will remain confidential)
  • Record statistical information to be shared with Clergy, health , and program staff
  • Participate in Health Cabinet meetings