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Prescription Viagra Substitute, Patient Reviews Of Wellbutrin Sr

Sunday Morning Nursery Ministry

We seek to provide children with a safe and clean environment in which they can begin to develop their first impressions of God and the Christian Faith. Our nurseries are staffed by both paid and volunteer caregivers who have been Safe Sanctuary certified. It is important that you sign your child in and out on the sheets provided. We also ask that you mark all of your child's belongings with your child's name (sippy cup, diaper bag, etc). Pagers are available to parents who leave their children in the nursery. If you would like to use one of the pagers, please take one, noting the pager number on the sign in sheet.

  • 8:45 worship service - All children are in room 103
  • Sunday School - Crib and Crawlers Nursery in room 101; Walkers & Talkers in room 102; 3 & 4 year old children go to Sunday School in room 103
  • 10:55 Worship Service - Crib and Crawlers Nursery in room 101; Walkers & Talkers in room 102; 3 & 4 year old children are in room 103.
  • 162 East Nursery - Family Life Center from 9 - 10am

Child care is also provided on Wednesday evenings in the Family Life Center and as needed for special events and meetings.