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Background Photo

Buy Ventolin Tablets, Himalaya Confido Online Purchase

Register for VBS Is Accutane Prescription Onlynow!




Sunday Mornings


All Preschoolers and Elementary Ages will gather in the Canteen at 9:45 for a breakfast snack, announcements, and prayer

At 10 a.m. they will head to their Sunday School Rooms.

All children’s volunteers have Safe Sanctuary Training

Infant Nursery Room 103

Toddler Nursery Room 101

Preschool, 3s & 4s Room 130

Kindergarten & First Grade Class Room 132

Second & Third Grade Class Room 129

Fourth & Fifth Grade Class Room 131


First United Methodist Church's Ministry with Children is located on the first floor of the main building.


Kristi McClellan, Director of Children's Ministries 704-864-4371 x231

Kristi McClellan, Weekday Preschool Director

Buspar Buy Online 704-864-5188 (preschool office)



Children are always welcome in our worship services but for those who would rather play with friends in a loving environment with qualified caregivers, please visit the following locations depending on the child's age.
Infants - Two's
in Room 101
Preschool (3's & 4's)
in Room 103
Silent pagers are provided for your comfort and so caregivers may contact you should the need arise. Please sign your children in and out of the nursery.