We are so excited you would like to be involved with FUMC Kids. Please review our different opportunities below.  

Children Information Form

This is an all-in-one form containing contact information, emergency contact info, allergies, etc.  

This information is helpful for Sunday school teachers and the form will travel with us to all of our retreats and be on hand for all of our events.

All children must fill out this information sheet in order to attend a retreat or mission projects.

Tutoring Snacks

Please help provide meals for the children that we tutor from the Boy's and Girl's Club.

Meals that work best are simple pick-up items, as the children do not have long to eat in between tutoring and choirs.

Please provide a protein with a side item and a small water. They enjoy: pizza, popcorn chicken, chicken nuggets, lunchables, pb&js, pizza, apple slices, carrot sticks, strawberries, etc. Limited healthy pick-up options give them more time to eat a more balanced meal.

Please plan for 25 children. We ask that you have the food plated and on the tables in the Greene House ready for the children to eat by 4:30. They have choirs at 5:00.

Thanks for supporting this ministry.